The start…

Just started here and an Advt based on fairness cream is on T.V makes me wonder how much artificiality has taken abode in our lives…why people aren’t happy with being natural… well forgot #BeingHumane has to be prompted in #Humans similarly, #BeingNatural too has to be prompted. We need to go back to the basics, the true selves we are in real, the real us making meaning to our individuality, a total package of what we are , in and out, as well as our thought processes.

Sorry, if not making sense, new at writing! On a second thought, to heck with how my words sound to you, I am here first to explore my thoughts than yours’ Yes! I know your thoughts about what I pen down matters alot. So hoping you all will enjoy in helping me explore my thoughts which at times, I am not able to myself figure out :/


As mentioned,

Menoone 🙂

Author: menooneblog

Here to explore my thoughts...

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